The maison of leather goods Mongarsson was created by Anne-Charlotte Coïc in 2019. To highlight its elegant creations, the brand use high-quality soft leathers and refined metalwork. The lines are sharp and the colors bold. To offer pieces with the highest standards of finish, Mongarsson relies on a extremely thorough selection of raw materials and exceptional manual know-how. Mongarsson bags are for women who boldly move forward in life and assert their character.

Mongarson Woman

Mongarsson: assertive and refined designer bags

On a blank page, sketched flowing lines and light strokes of color placed... At the origin of Mongarsson, there is the desire to create seductive bags, without further consideration.

Playing a central role in the Mongarsson collection, the color captivates, stimulates the senses and marks the spirits. The brand's palette reveals a marked penchant for contrasts and powerful hues. Metalwork, made-to-measure, is everywhere, brings its shine and contributes to the panache of the leather goods brand.

Mongarsson does not seek to respond to any marketing code or expected. What matters is to create bags that catch the eye, simply because they are beautiful.
- Anne-Charlotte Coic

For Mongarsson, the details are none. Each piece in the collection is designed as a rare object, a precious thing. The components are thought out and assembled with care to shape bags with a handsome style. Refinement is a constant requirement of the designer for whom singularity and elegance go hand in hand. Mongarsson bags play with colors and cultivate the top-of-the-range elegance.

bag assembly

At Mongarsson, quality is at the heart of creation

Nothing is left to chance. The desire to offer quality bags irrigates the entire creative process, from design to assembly. Mongarsson selects leathers worked with care and with neat finishes. The metalwork is produced specifically for the brand, which guarantees durable and personalized pieces. The manual assembly of the bags is based on the unique know-how developed by Spanish craftsmen.

Beautiful, supple and intense leathers, personalized metalwork, an impeccable finish… Mongarsson is generous when it comes to quality.
- Anne-Charlotte Coic

The design of the models is naturally based on an aesthetic vision, but not only. For Mongarsson, the pleasure provided by a bag is also due to its functionality. The bag is undoubtedly the most intimate object of a woman, it must be designed for her. Mongarsson bags are ingeniously designed to be comfortable to use.

The Mongarsson adventure begins with Ébauche and Tocade

The Mongarsson world life within the top-of-the range while avoiding conformity. The adventure begins with two lines of leather goods with very distinct identities: Ébauche and Tocade. Each develops arrangements of colors, finishes and particular lines. Ébauche and Tocade have in common that they target women who are looking for inventive and sophisticated leather goods. Bandit, Pirate, Chenapan… Mongarsson bags invite you to slum and let yourself be charmed. It's time for you to meet them.

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