At Mongarsson, we have chosen top of the range and inventive leather goods . From the choice of leathers to the one of leather craftsmen, we seek quality and excellence at each stage of production.

Producing entirely in Europe, with recognized partners, meet the designer's desire to offer high quality bags with an irreproachable finish . Our bags stand out with their original silhouettes, combining leathers selected by Mongarsson and refined metalwork. Mongarsson puts its expertise at the service of colorful and elegant creations.

No less than 21 steps are necessary to go from the idea to the bag.

A craftsmanship

We have chosen a craftsmanship that values ​​the noble materials used and takes the time necessary to design top-of-the-range bags. Mongarsson bags are handmade in a workshop located in the south of Spain, in Ubrique, in the heart of the Sierra de Cádiz. This village, considered to be the cradle of top-of-the-range leather goods, is home to a quarter of the country's tanneries and leather goods workshops. It is in a workshop recognized for its expertise in luxury leather goods that Mongarsson bags are assembled.

Each component of our bags is the result of a creative process that includes a sketch, then is translation into a technical drawing, and finally, a preliminary model is developed. Before the production of the prototype, many exchanges take place and modifications can occur until the last moment. No less than 21 steps are necessary to go from the idea to the bag. Each stage of manufacture is the subject of great attention, for a perfect finish .

Leathers in the colors of Mongarsson

To choose a leather, one has to touch it and handle it in order to appreciate its grain and suppleness. This process is called “the hand” by the leather workes. This is a constant at Mongarsson: we choose soft leathers , a guarantee of comfort on a daily basis. The structure of our bags has been designed to find harmony between the hyper-flexibility of leather and the hold that an everyday bag must have.

The leathers selected by Mongarsson come exclusively from Europe, mainly France, Spain and Italy. Our suppliers are recognized for the quality of their products and their ecological commitments . The leathers we work with have been developed at our request in the desired color and finish to best reflect the original world of Mongarsson. We love to play with contrasts with leathers in vibrant colors and textured finishes. Take a look at our leather palette .

Personalized metalwork enhances Mongarsson bags

At Mongarsson, metalwork is a trademark. Our desire to offer unique bags with a perfect finish drive us to adorn them with personalized metalwork . The metalwork comes from Italy, precisely from the Abruzzo region, near the Vibrata valley, in the village of Corropoli. This is where we found experienced craftsmen who agreed with Mongarsson for the development of quality personalized metalwork ( clasps, press studs and pull tabs ).

The signature clasp of the Ébauche line takes up the M of Mongarsson.

The metalwork elements are designed, like our bags, to combine elegance and comfort. These unique pieces match our embossed leathers and enhance our bags. Thus, the signature clasp found on the Ébauche line represents Mongarsson's M. The closing sound of the clasp, round and full, reveals the quality of the piece. The light gold color of the metal gives the bags a light, softened by the brushed finish.

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