We design Mongarsson bags to be precious accessories , able to accompany you in all your daily adventures. They must therefore combine originality, quality and durability .

The choice of raw materials is therefore a decisive step in the manufacture of Mongarsson bags. We work with leathers known for their suppleness and pleasant feel: calfskin, cowhide, goatskin and sheepskin.

Mongarsson has chosen to work with leathers from Italy and France. Most of our leathers are called "full grain". This means that the original grain and the natural characteristics of the skin (suppleness, resistance, etc.) are preserved. Full-grain leathers are hard-wearing and age evenly over time.

Leathers in the colors of Mongarsson

Mongarsson stands out by offering leathers with colors and finishes specially developed for our bag collections:

Bubble Klein Leather Bubble Klein sheep leather : the bubble finish gives the leather a “bubble” effect. The Klein Blue bubble-finish sheepskin leather proves that you can perfectly combine embossment and softness.

Denim Velvet
Denim suede calfskin: a light sanding gives this calfskin a typical velvet feel. It is a leather that will acquire a patina and soften over time. The natural shades are in harmony with the jeans color and denim plate.

Magenta Calfskin
Magenta Calfskin : This calfskin offers a deep magenta. When we touch it, we can feel its suppleness and softness.

Klein Blue
Klein blue calfskin : supple and smooth to the touch, this calfskin is used for all the linings in the collection. In an iconic blue, the "blue touch" of Mongarsson is essential.

Celery grained cowhide leather : this tangy yellow emits light, bringing a note of freshness. This cowhide leather has a natural grain. It offers an extra supple and soft hand.

Golden cowhide
Bronze cowhide leather : this is the sparkling note of Mongarsson. Applied in small touches, the bronze luster cowhide lights up the creations.

Orange Nappa
Orange nappa cowhide leather : this is full-grain cowhide leather. The finish is smooth and supple. The orange color completes the Tocade line contrasting with the denim suede calfskin.

Mudstone aniline goat leather : this leather was developed especially for one of the variants of the Tocade line, in addition to the Celery leather. Particularly supple, aniline leather is very pleasant to the touch.

Rose Ronsard
Ronsard pink aniline goat leather : the name of this leather refers to Ronsard's poem "Mignonne, let's see if the rose...". The gourmet raspberry pink placed on the silky aniline goatskin awakens the senses.

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